Don't blame me for this. Yes, I made the quiz, but it's according to stereotypes. If I were to base this quiz on what I think of the characters, I don't think you'd be satisfied with your result. I tried really hard not to make the answers so obvious to who the character is.

How do you feel about yourself?
*smile* I'm okay.
Me? How do you feel about me?
I'm satisfied with who I am.
...Excuse me?
I suck. Everyone is better than I am.
Are you questioning my self-confidence?

Which house do you think you belong in?
I... I don't know.
I belong in the house I'm in right now.
Stop bugging me. I'm already in a house, so what's the question for?
Well, I already got sorted into the house I've always wanted.
Whichever house is best for me.
Um... I think the hat sorted me wrong, so...

Where do you like to be right now?
I've always loved gardens.
Well, I'm reading a book right now, and it's quite a good book.
On the quidditch field, or hanging with my friends in the common room.
On our next big adventure. Wait 'til they hear about my plan.
Somewhere safe.

You hear someone badmouthing a friend. What do you do?
Secretly listen and keep it to yourself.
Listen carefully. Maybe they're right.
Beat them up.
Tap them on the shoulder and tell them it isn't nice.
Pretend not to hear.
Plot revenge. Mwahaha. =D

How do you feel about other people?
Most of them are friendly.
They're intimidating.
Some people... can be okay.
It depends.
Most allow their prejudices to interfere with their kindness.
People are different. And different people like different people.

Your midterm is next week. How do you react?
I'm already prepared.
Suggest a study session.
Forget it. It's probably another one of those easy ones.
Maybe I can get a tutor. *hopeful look*
The quidditch game is next week, too.

Favorite subject?
Real subject? Darn. I guess it's transfiguration.
Defense against the dark arts.
Charms is really fascinating. Oh, but... So is transfiguration!
Nothing, really.
I'm not sure. Everything but potions, I guess.

How do you feel about that person over there? *points randomly*
Well, I don't want to jump to conclusions...
I don't like what he's wearing.
Huh? Oh, she seems nice.
The one with the hat? He looks scary.
What? Oh, him? Yea, I know him. He's okay.
He's a pinhead. You should see him in class.

You find a bag of gold. What now?
Share it with my friends.
Look around to see if anyone's looking and keep it for yourself.
Look around to see if it belongs to anyone.
It's probably not even gold.
Do what's right. Bring it directly to the school staff.
Leave it there.

Okay, quiz is over. How do you feel?
Kind of annoyed.
A bit anxious.
Wow. How long did you take to make this quiz?

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