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Welcome to my little shrine dedicated to everyone's favorite werewolf. There isn't much yet, but I'll be gradually adding content. If you have any suggestions for me, send me an owl and I'll consider it. This is a Harry Potter only site, so if you're looking for something else, this isn't the right place for you. And if you're homophobic, I can assure you that this probably isn't the right place for you, either. But if you like Harry Potter slash, and especially Remus, then click around and enjoy! =]

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04.13.03. Everything up in the miscellaneous section except for the polls and guestbook. There is also three fanart in the illustration section, two of which I drew around a year ago.
04.12.03. Yay! I love this layout: nice, clean, and simple. Nothing is up yet, so you'll just have to wait. Sorry about that. =\

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